Inviting curious folk to taste proper cider

In Autumn 1985, I was introduced by John Stewart, a neighbour and early eco-warrior, to the art of cider making using locally harvested cider apples creating my very first batch of cider. Opening the barrel for the first taste in early Spring was an eagerly anticipated magical experience. The cider apple was transformed into a delicious and moreish drink.

Year after year I continued this tradition, perfecting the process until 10 years ago I plucked up the courage to take my cider to Stratford Farmers market. The feeling of pride when people handed over their hard earned cash for a cider I had made was amazing. Made all the better when those same people returned time and again for more!

Things have moved on from those early days. The industry has evolved (although not all that much), we've perfected our authentic, fresh pressed ciders and we're really excited about introducing some delicious new varieties and styles to our range — still made properly of course. We're really exploiting the versatility of the cider apple to make what we think (and we hope you do too) are some surprising, rewarding and sometimes challenging new ciders. Watch this space!

However, our image hasn't really changed so much in the last 10 years. Increasingly we felt it didn't truly represent our personality as people or as a business. Although we're still quite a small company, we've come a long way. So this new page is a taster of our new visual direction.

We hope you good folk will join us on our journey of exploration as we continue to make our classic blends along with our exciting new products. One thing we've definitely learnt over the years is that we love crafting and enjoying cider with you and for you. Long may it continue...


Allen Hogan

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