Business done properly

Hogan’s Cider - business done properly

Allen started this business out of a love for the rural life and the art of transforming the indigenous cider apple into a delicious drink.   We’re conscious of our environmental footprint and wider responsibilities.

Things can always be improved but for the record:

1. Our contract presser, H&M Weaver, has installed with our encouragement a 48KW solar panel array.  The result is over a 12 month period the facility is a net contributor of electricity to the grid.

2. Our cider is fermented without temperature control- a long, slow cold fermentation once a year.  

3. The apple residue created after pressing (pomace) is processed in a Herefordshire bio-digester and the resulting gases generate power for the grid.

4. The majority of our cider is sold in stainless steel kegs which have an indefinite life.   We wash and sterilise them every trip before refilling.  Additionally we use recyclable glass bottles.  Our KeyKegs are part of a plastics recycling system.

5. We support the rural economies of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire spending upwards of £80,000 each year.

6. We support our local community with a drinks station (water and cider…) for runners in the Alcester 10K.  This year we organised a community litter pick. Eighty percent of our workforce are within a 2 mile radius of our business location.

7. We’ve had full ingredients labelling on our packaged cider since we started selling it.  So that’s around 15 years.   We don’t use artificial sweeteners and we don’t use Velcorin (classed as a processing aid).

8. Charity - we contribute monthly to Cure Leukaemia and Bug Life.

9. We pay more than the National Living Wage.




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