The Team

We're nothing without this lot...

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Role: Cider Maker or 'Cider Gandalf'

Shaun loves Ibiza and goes back every year although he won't let on whether it's to go all-night raving, for spiritual retreat or just to sit on the beach. But given he enjoys warmer climes, it makes no sense why he insists on wearing a T-Shirt even when it’s -5º and Allen has long since turned off the heating. 

Gandalf approved cider: Killer Sharp

Team Member


Role: Accounts and administration

Carole is an allotment whizz, we love her rhubarb.  Always with perfect hair and nails and a wizard at debt collecting.

Favourite drop: a surprising Killer Sharp fan.

Team Member


Role: Founder

When Mr Magoo is not running around making everything a cider maker needs to make, you'll find him either turning the heaters off in the middle of winter or critiquing Jane’s sourdough.

Favourite cider: Dry bottle

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Role: Delivery and Production

Steve, or Speedy Gonzales as we like to call him is possibly the most cheerful and helpful guy you'll ever meet. Whether that's down to his love of the outdoors or that he's forgotten to put his specs on again is still up for debate.

Fave tipple: Mulled Cider

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Role: Sales

Travelling, music, food, outdoors, cooking, talking.

Favourite drop: Killer Sharp, Vintage Dry 2014

Team Member

Steve no 2

Role: Production / Warehouse / Deliveries

Steve is ace at tackling all the production challenges that present themselves.  He loves a knotty problem!  An ardent Chelsea fan, Steve may now be found meandering in a camper van having been thwarted by all Covid restricted foreign ventures!

Favourite tipple: Killer Sharp

Team Member


Role: Administration

Kathy is the Queen of SALSA (not the dance) and tasked with maintaining order.  May arrive with a stray dog in tow.  Hates shopping and chickflicks.  Makes a mean kale and mushroom lasagne.




Favourite cider - Libertine

Team Member

Team Member


Role: Everything Finance & IT

Ruler of the Roost & holder of the purse strings, Jane is anything and everything Hogan's. Apart from her personal mission to get Allen to join her walking, running and/or cycling, she's a fantastic cook and loves both food and cider, preferably at the same time.

Favourite tipples: Original draught mixed with Panking Pole

Team Member

Milo (RIP)

Sad to say Milo is no longer. He had been around since before Hogan's Cider started. He made it to 15 and half. Was a keen runner, but sadly got slower and slower….. was fond of cheese, sausages, cider and milk....

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