Why do you use only cider apples?

We like the style of cider made with cider apples.  They contain lots of tannins which give a substantive mouthfeel, depth of character and structure.  They have been selectively bred over many years especially for cider making.  There are over 300 varieties.   Our cider is created from a blend of bitter sweet and bitter sharp cider apples.

Where do your cider apples come from?

Cider apple orchards in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. 

Do you have your own orchards?

No, we buy fruit from small growers. 

How long does a bag in box keep for?

Once opened expect six weeks.

What yeast do you use?

We predominantly use three types of yeast, our choice is governed by the style of cider we are making.  For French Revelation we encourage a wild yeast fermentation. For the bulk of our ciders we use a Champagne yeast. We are also fans of Brett yeast.

Is it suitable for coeliacs and those on a gluten free diet?

Yes - cider is naturally gluten free.

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes - our cider is suitable for vegans. 

Do you use sweeteners?

We don’t use any artificial sweeteners to sweeten our cider. We will use sugar for sweetening.

How long does it take to make cider?

Ages - we press the fruit in the Autumn (October to December). It then undergoes a long slow period of fermentation, followed by a period of maturation.   So it’s ready around May/June the following year and improves with time.

How many calories in a bottle?

The calories increase if it is a sweeter cider and/or a stronger cider. So our High Sobriety comes in at a nifty 90 kcal, and our HipHop a mere 126 kcal per bottle.  Medium Cider is around 210 kcal per bottle.

Is cider good for you?

Yes and no! Our cider is rich in phenolic acids and tannins which are phytochemicals. Research has shown that phytochemicals act as antioxidants in the body reducing oxidative stress. But you've got to balance this with the potentially harmful effects of alcohol.

What are your What 3 Words?


How many carbs are there in your Draught Cider?

There are 12.35 g Carbohydrate per 500 ml, or if you're having a pint 14.11g.

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