Hogan's River Ciders snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!

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September 3rd dawned a wet and colder day.    Our team of 12 arrived in dribs and drabs at the Stratford Recreation Ground to take on other teams in the Dragon Boat race to raise funds for Shakespeare Hospice.

We were the last to arrive (events & travelling the previous day meant minimal sleep!) and watched other teams with amusement going through their warm up exercises and motivational chants while we put up our gazebo and tried to work out how to stop it blowing away....

The troops were rallied and had their training talk....learnt how to hold their paddle,  and basic paddle movements.  Wet lifejackets were donned and we were in the boat and paddling to the start.... 

The race downriver lasted less than 1 and 1/2 minutes; we were surprised to find we had won and were enthused to improve our paddling technique.  Plum cake and chocolate cake kept the energy levels up and we went on to improve our times and win two more heats.  

We weren't fast enough for the finals, so as it was peeing it down we were able to pack up and go home to a warm fire!  Well done team!!  A great result!


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