Meet High Sobriety - our low alcohol cider!!

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I know you might be wondering why do we need a 1% abv cider??  Well, some of us would like to drink a little more without falling over; some of us are always sharing the driving (I drive there, you drive back…..); some of us are fed up with children's drinks; some of us are lightweight and we like cider so ….

High by name but low by nature - High Sobriety is a light, refreshing and gently sparkling low alcohol cider with characteristic tannic qualities which make for a moreish tipple.  Like our other ciders it is still authentically pressed and fermented from 100% cider apples.  Beautifully well balanced without being too sweet.  And because the alcohol is low, you can indulge yourself that little bit more without falling in the bush….again!

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