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Don't be fooled by some (a lot) of the so called cider out there. Our cider (and perry) is fermented from only 100% fresh pressed English cider apples grown in the surrounding countryside and contains NOTHING that doesn't need to be there. In fact our corner of the world is rich with cider heritage boasting more orchards than anywhere else in the UK.


The apples are locally sourced from small independent growers

That contraption Allen has is called a Panking pole


Fruit is delivered to our mill in the Malvern Hills by local cider apple growers



The apples are washed, hand sorted, milled and pressed 


We pump the juice into fermentation tanks - here begins the alchemy of fermentation


Fermentation is the process of converting sugar in the apple juice to alcohol.  How long this takes largely depends on the temperature outside, the colder it is, the longer it can take



Box it, bag it & keg it ready to ship around the world...


We have customers all over, from the USA to Hong Kong, Lithuania to Lichfield


Refreshingly great cider with no artificial sweeteners or colourings


In fact we're one of the very very few brands who label every ingredient that goes into our ciders and perry. All are suitable for Vegans and are Gluten free