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The Hogan's history

A whistlestop tour of just a few key dates spanning the last 30 years and a few thoughts on what the future may hold...


This is John Stewart, a neighbour to the Hogan's and the man who first introduced Allen to the art of cider making. 

Spent too long drinking John's damson wine....



After a lifetime without electricity, John finally caught up with the times so he and Allen bought an electric scratter which was used to chop up the apples. Until then they’d used a scratter powered by the water driven mill.

Officially taking the leap from amateur to professional, we commercially launched our two ciders - dry and medium. Allen proudly exhibited at every local event he could get to that summer!



Our first proud appearance at the Royal Show in Stoneleigh with our instantly forgettable Irish branding!

Our bottles had a little makeover and Hogan’s went international.





Prestigious in the craft cider calendar, we won 1st prize at Putley in 2010 with our bottle fermented cider

As we continued to grow our product range we created our first bag in box to take production in-house



We won Bath & West 2 years on the trot, course we did!

From Warwickshire with love -

our first Russian exports to Belgorod to Hamiltons Irish pub



Working with our local growers we’ve secured a supply of cider apples for future years. We’ve also installed a brand new kegging line giving greater scope for innovation for our Shaun!

We're excited to open up our new tap room at Hogan's HQ ... come visit and say hello!